"Sparkle is a gift, not just to children, but to the child and
 spirit within each one of us." —Mirabai Devi, Spiritual Teacher

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About the Book

The Story begins....

A timeless fairytale for children for all ages. Sparkle & The Gift is about a little girl who decides not to forget who she is, a radiant being of Light. Sparkle’s remarkable determination is contagious. She takes her mother, Alice, outdoors to align with the natural world and to remember that the Light is everyone’s friend. Alice is inspired to tell the story of “Kachina’s Gift”, which is a fairytale designed to remind us that everything we need is already within us.  


"Once there was a little girl who was given the name Sarah. Her parents loved her very much and wanted the best for her in life. During the holidays she received many wonderful things. She would clap her hands and whistle because she loved all of her special gifts..."