"Sparkle is a gift, not just to children, but to the child and
 spirit within each one of us." —Mirabai Devi, Spiritual Teacher

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Author: Ayn Cates Sullivan, PhD

Illustrator: Belle Crow duCray, BFA

Published by HighPoint Life www.highpointpubs.com

Ayn Cates Sullivan, MA, MFA, Ph.D. is an inspirational author, minister and transformational facilitator. She holds a master’s degree in spiritual psychology from USM, and a masters and doctorate in literature from Columbia University and King’s College London. She currently lives with her husband, two children and variety of horses and pets on a ranch in Ojai, California. Her many books include Sparkle & The Gift, a children’s story about a girl and a fairy who remind us what healing is all about, a chapbook of poetry entitled The Windhorse: Poems of Illumination, and a book of prayers called Unquenchable Spiritual Fire, providing inspiration and embrace for people who are blossoming into their true nature.

Ayn loves to work with individuals who are awakening to their authentic self. She has a private spiritual psychology practice and takes on a select group of committed students each year. She and her husband John Patrick Sullivan support couples in effective communication for mutual blossoming. She has been ordained by Howard Wills as a minister.

Ayn’s deepest love is to help end the patterns that cause pain and suffering and assist in liberating others so that they can live essential and joyous lives from the place of the true self. She will be running a series of workshops this year, as well as engaging one of her favorite activities: reading Sparkle & The Gift and reminding others to live from the light of their true nature. Learn more about Ayn at www.AynCatesSullivan.com

Belle Crow duCray, BFA, grew up in the Tennessee Valley foothills creating art and dreaming of illustrating children’s books. She has always believed that what we can imagine we can create.

After spending almost a decade in New York City, Belle now resides in Santa Barbara, California, where she is an accomplished interior artisan and decorator who creates beautiful places and spaces with organic and sustainable materials.

Belle is also an interior decorator who heals spaces by incorporating the light (sparkle) into homes. She is adept at the placement of art and furnishings. One of her favorite techniques is "tadalak", an ancient technique that creates a natural, non-toxic and soothing environment by rubbing natural organic earth pigments into walls. Design is in Belle's lineage. She grew up as the daughter of a successful sustainable architect in Huntsville Alabama (the Space capital of the USA) next door to the nations most progressive thinkers and inventors. Being amongst world famous scientists and inventors seemed quite normal to her and this creative pool of thinkers encouraged her to open her imagination. Her grandmother, Belle Darwin, would often remind her that “the sky is the limit!” She wishes to inspire passion for creativity and joy of life to children to all ages. Learn more about Belle at www.belleducray.com

Published by HighPoint Life www.highpointpubs.com