"Sparkle is a gift, not just to children, but to the child and
 spirit within each one of us." —Mirabai Devi, Spiritual Teacher

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"Learn more about what you are, adult and child, as you read this illuminated modern day treasure!"

Howard Wills, Higher Consciousness, Inc.



"Sparkle is a beautiful, delightful being of light whose purpose is to reawaken the connection to the child within us, to nature, and to our spirit unified with the divine.

Sparkle is a precious beautiful story reminding each of us to fully embrace our own power to create and remember that when we are not living in our purpose we are suffering.

Sparkle is a gift, not just to children, but to the child and spirit within each of us. She is our reminder to stay connected to our souls, our purpose, and to the divine light whose love and healing can be found in every aspect of life, down to the blessing of a flower."

Mirabai Devi, Spiritual Teacher

“Sparkle brings the reality of our magical universe to each reader, inspiring us to revere the seen and unseen and celebrate the connections that exist within all beings with gratitude, respect, and joy. Reading Sparkle was a thrilling voyage of rediscovery.”

Susan Allan, President The Marriage Forum, Inc.



" My children are enthralled with Sparkle and her gifts. Sparkle reminds us of the importance of love, light and nature in our lives. Everyone needs a little Sparkle!!!!"

Challen Cates, Actress, Mother



“Sparkle sparkles the imagination. Her enthusiasm is contagious and the little fairy Kachina opens up the doors of a new reality for us all.”

Norman Baker, president of TGI (Thank God I) Care Foundation

“Opening the book Sparkle for the first time, is like opening a treasure chest of imagination and magic. It's a divine treat for a reader's spirit. To be read, savored and embraced....”

Bruce L Erickson, Mother Earth Media


"What a delight!! Sparkle reminds us to drink in the songs of the birds and fairy worlds and dance to the music of the rainbow heart. We all need Sparkle in our lives. Ayn Cates Sullivan pours out a nurturing balm of fun filled fairy light. Belle duCray's beautiful illustrations bring everything vibrantly alive, in the ‘garden,’ to nurture us and help us to re-member who we are as Light Filled HUE-Mans."

Rev. Deb Court ~ Spiritual PeaceMaking Minister~ MDIV~

Guide to John of God



“Sparkle & The Gift is a fairytale that helps children and adults remember who they are and why they are on this planet. No child should go through life without reading it!”

Kat Hamilton, Naropa University student

“Sparkle is a true delight! A fine tale of nature spirits and human beings that is both thought provoking and inspirational. We are quietly reminded to listen to the birds and the wind, pay attention to the flowers, the butterflies and feel the invisible life forces behind all of it. I recollect e.e. cummings, who put it this way,
‘I thank you God for most this amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, for the blue true dream of sky, for all that is infinite, all that is natural, all that is yes!’ 

Rob Harrington, Founder of Orca School and Orca Camp



“The simple message conveyed in Sparkle is one understood by children and adults alike. The magic and imagination keeps the readers, while learning the importance of love, and having the courage to dream.”

Sean Toedtman, College Student